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List of Largest Instances of Work in Last Three Years


1. Eesti Ehitus OÜ
Tallinn, Mustamäe Road 46 and 46a – water pipeline and sewerage construction (1.8 mln.)

2. Novaforest OÜ
Betooni Street 11B – water pipeline, sewerage and gas pipeline construction (0.7 mln.)

3. AS Eesti Gaas
Haabneeme Health Centre – gas supply (0.7 mln.)

4. AS Talter
Muuga Port – rainwater sewerage (1.2 mln.)

5. Tallinna Linnaehituse AS
Harjumaa, Saue rural municipality, Laagri, Metsa Street and Sae Street – water pipeline and sewerage construction (including pumping station installation) (4.4 mln.)

Tallinn, Rebasesaba Street – water pipeline and sewerage construction (1.2 mln.)

7. OVS Ehitus OÜ
Harkujärve village, Ventri Road 5 – water pipeline and sewerage construction (0.6 mln.)

8. AS Tallinna Vesi
Tallinn, Tööstuse Street – water pipeline reconstruction (0.8 mln.)

9. AS Tallinna Vesi
Tallinn, Hämariku Street – water and sewerage pipeline construction (0.8 mln.)

10. Individual
Loopere gas main line (1.0 mln.)

11. AS TTP
Ussilaka Road – gas, water, wastewater sewerage and drainage pipelines construction (0.7 mln.)

12. AS TTP
Tallinn, Padriku residential block and Lauri Road – water supply, wastewater sewerage and rainwater and drainage water sewerage pipelines construction work (3.5 mln.)

13. AS Tallinna Vesi
Tallinn, Kibuvitsa Street – sewerage pipelines reconstruction (0.8 mln.)

14. AS Viimsi Vesi
Viimsi rural municipality, Kaluri Road – water, sewerage and rainwater sewerage pipelines construction (1.5 mln.)

15. AS Gaasienergia
Tabasalu gas main line (6.0 mln.)

16. AS Eesti Gaas
Möldre-Saagi gas main line (2.0 mln.)

17. AS Eesti Gaas
Künnapuu-Kase-Tammiku gas main line (1.5 mln.)

18. Vesiroos OÜ
Sanitary engineering work for Majato Autoterminaal OÜ (1.1 mln.)

19. AS Maardu Katlamaja
Maardu boiler house gas main line construction (1.0 mln.)

20. Belinvest Holding OÜ
Metsavahi residential block gas supply (3.0 mln.)


Gas supply project design work in 2004

1. AS Eesti Gaas
Künnapuu-Kase-Tammiku (1.6 km)

2. AS Eesti Gaas
Kurvi Road, Tammiku Road, Kasteheina Road and Rohuneeme Road area (1.3 km)

3. AS Maardu Katlamaja
Maardu boiler house central pressure pipeline renovation project (1.5 km)

4. Individuals
Internal and external gas supply solutions for residences (30 units)

5. Gas supply projects of under 0.5 km in length, commissioned by different companies (about 3.5 km)