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About the Company

Santeh Ehituse OÜ is a smaller enterprise based on private Estonian capital and operating since 1997.


The activity sphere of the enterprise covers special construction work:

1. gas supply work;
2. water supply and sewerage work;
3. construction of heating systems.

In order to be competitive on the construction services market, at least the three following conditions must be met:

· availability of professionally qualified and motivated labour force;
· availability of modern technical equipment;
· mastery of economical technologies.

The investments made in staff professional training and in-service training in Estonia, Finland and Switzerland have already paid off – the company has by now developed a team of strong and professionally qualified managers and workers.
The stability of the company’s operations is based on its long-term experience in construction of water supply, heating, sewerage and gas systems. The enterprise has built and reconstructed water, rainwater, sewerage and gas main lines mostly in Tallinn and Harjumaa.
The strategic goal of Santeh Ehituse OÜ is to remain constantly active on the construction services market and expand its activities beyond Harjumaa.