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Policy of Santeh Ehituse OÜ

Santeh Ehituse OÜ is a smaller enterprise that builds water, sewerage, gas and heating systems.

The enterprise conducts its activities in accordance with good building practices and standards, corresponding environmental legislation, administrative acts and other requirements.

The principles and directions of the quality and environmental management system at Santeh Ehituse OÜ are defined on the basis of the enterprise’s quality and environmental policy approved by the management.

Santeh Ehituse OÜ strives to be client-focused, make the internal enterprise processes more efficient, decrease the negative environmental influences of its activities and through constant refinement and improvement bring its management system into compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2000 and 14001:2004 standards.


In order to implement these principles, Santeh Ehituse OÜ:

· offers its clients professional, prompt, project-suitable and timely construction services using modern and high-quality equipment and materials;
· analyses and improves its activities relying on feedback from clients, finds optimal solutions in cooperation with the client;
· is engaged in versatile cooperation with its suppliers and partners;
· organises training for employees to increase their qualifications and environmental awareness, informs all employees about the enterprise’s policy and goals regarding quality and environmental issues;
· uses natural resources sparingly;
· uses, to the extent it is possible from the economic point of view, the technologies that decrease or alleviate the negative environmental influences caused by the enterprise’s activities;
· guarantees that clients, owners and staff remain satisfied with the work of the enterprise.

The enterprise’s quality and environmental policy is implemented by all employees and their adherence to the policy is regularly evaluated at internal audits and during management inspections.